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Integrated Design & Build

Our Design & Build approach is a seamless, turnkey solution that marries creative design with precise fabrication and installation. It all starts with our in-depth consultative process that's entirely client-focuse, pinpointing your signage goals with precision. By uniting our Design, Project Management, Fabrication, and Installation Teams, we deliver a cohesive and efficient process, centralized through a single point of contact for major signage undertaking–resulting in projects that are not only cost-effective but also completed with unparalleled efficiency.

Craftsmanship is a the core of what we do. As adept fabrications, we design every sign with production in mind, optimizing for both modern construction techniques and the latest in manufacturing technology. This ensures every sign we create isn't just visually stunning but built for lasting performance.


Wayfinding & Directional Expertise

Efficient wayfinding is an art that guides diverse groups of people through environments both vast and intimate. Our wayfinding and directional design services are rooted in a deep understanding of human interaction with space, creating clear, direct, and engaging navigational experiences.


Martin Branding Group has been at the forefront of innovative wayfinding solutions, with a portfolio that includes health care facilities, university campuses, corporate offices, residential complexes, and senior living communities. Our approach encompasses both exterior and interior signage, with our seasoned consultants blending expertise and empathy to devise sign systems that are both intuitive and forward-looking.


In-House Engineering Precision

Our in-house engineering team brings sophisticated full-service capabilities to the table, addressing the intricate challenges presented by projects of various scales. With meticulous attention to detail, we provide comprehensive drawing documentation and signage detailing. This enables our fabricators to construct signage that not only adheres to but surpasses industry benchmarks.

In collaboration with architects, contractors, and other stakeholders, our engineers ensure a flawless fusion of signage with the architectural vision, complete with fully certified engineering packages and all necessary code-compliant calculations. This distinctive aspect of our service amplifies the value we bring to every project.


Construction Documentation

Our internal engineering and production design studio excels in crafting the visual blueprints essential for precise fabrication and installation. This crucial phase involves detailed coordination of the client's vision with architectural and engineering designs, synthesized into a coherent set of construction documents. These documents lay out all structural, fabrications, and interfacing details, transforming conceptual designs into tangible, visual realities.

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